Social Networking in San Fran

I’m in San Francisco this week for meetings with VentureSource and Wicks (the company that bought and which I’m currently working for). I pulled out the old rolodex and pinged some old friends to see what they are up to.

Last night I sat courtside at the Mavericks vs. Warriors game thanks to my good friend David Bunnell. David is the publishing visionary who created PC World and sold it to Ziff, ran Upside in the glory years and recently tried to make the digital gadget space work (with mixed success).

Since my girlfriend couldn’t make the trip I brought Mark Pincus of as my date ( Mark is a brilliant and rabid entrepreneur. He did Freeloader and previously and I’m sure he’ll hit a massive home run with He’s got a ton of tricks up his sleeve which I promised not to tell, but I think Friendster and the rest of the social software space is going to get crushed by what he is doing.Mark Cuban even said hello to us before joining his team (he spoke at bunch of our Silicon Alley Reporter events back in the day).

Today I went for breakfast with Craig Newmark of Craigs List fame. Craig is another visionary type guy, but more laid back then Mark who averaged about six calls on his cell phone per hour last night. Craig was the first guy to add the feature “Flag for review” to a website. That created a total revolution in the online space no longer did you have to police websites, your users did it for you. Total Genius.

Craigslist is making serious bank as well. They seem to have 100-300 of these $75 classifieds on their San Fran site every day (only the San Fran jobs site has a fee, everything else in every city is free). That’s like $15,000 a day, or $75,000 a week or about $3.6m a year in revenue. All from a site built off of free software. I’m sure Google will buy his classified system and make a tab right after news called Classifieds. No doubt in my mind.

Anyway, I’m off to see Rob Burgess over at Macromedia and then shoot over to see Chris Anderson at WIRED. I’ll fill you in/name drop some more later.

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