Ugly day for America

Watching Meet the Press and the New York Times today I was filled with feeling of complete disgust.

The Times is reporting that President Bush and his team are stonewalling a 9/11 commission, and that the reason is that Bush knew more about the threat about 9/11 in the weeks before those two towers and thousands of lives were lost.

I’m seething from this. Bush is on TV all the time talking about how we have to study this and get to the bottom of that. It is becoming very clear that 9/11 was very avoidable. Bush is clearly scared to death that when the public finds out he knew about those four planes in the days before the actual event, and was unable to stop them, they will want his head on a stick. If this is the case, Bush should just resign. That would be the honorable thing to do.

Then on Meet the Press I’m watching Colin Powell backtracking on his own comments in February of 2001 that Iraq had no WMD. Powell is an excellent liar, but at this point the frustration on his face while he is doing so is clear as day.

As this is all happening while a dozen rockets hit a hotel in Iraq today where Wolfowitz is staying. I thought we were supposed to be looked at as liberators in Iraq?

I’m disgusted.

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