More props on (or “What’s better, group blogs or the lone blogger and a keyboard?”)

Got some props today for the scoops over at Thanks to all the folks linking to and commenting on the Social Software Weblog.

We’ll have two or three bloggers joining us on the blog starting next week. This will mark the first time a Weblogs, Inc. blog becomes a group effort. We’re doing the group blog thing based on the success we see at and Many To Many.

Sure, if three people are working on the blog then the $1,000 in advertising (if it hits that) will have to be split three ways. However, we all know that no one is looking to get rich off doing blogs, and having partners on the blog means you don’t have to blog every day if you don’t want to. Takes the pressure off, and makes it better for the readers.

Not sure if the majority of Weblogs, Inc. blogs will have one blogger or groups, but we’ll be trying both and keeping you posted.

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