Bloggin’ at the Apple store. (or Why aren’t PCs this pretty?)

So, I’m chillin’ at the Apple store at the Grove in sunny LA while my girlfriend gets some shopping done. This place is amazinglike walking into an art gallery.

The total polar opposite of the Microsoft store I visited in the Sony Metreon in San Francisco. That store is so ugly and cold, as opposed to the Apple store.

Apple StoreKids are running around, hipsters are blasting music, and the lighting and glass everywhere makes me feel like I’m on the set of Gattica. On top of all this I’ve been sitting here pounding out emails, creating Weblogs, Inc. sites and reading ESPN Zone for over an hour and they have not bothered me once!

As a matter of fact I feel as productive here, on a Mac in a store, as I do at home. Amazing how technology has changed distance and how we work. I’ve got all my data at my finger tips and the fact that I’m on a Mac not a PC means, well, nothing.

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