Weblogs, Inc. week one: Two more weblogs down, 96 to go.

Today is the end of the first official week of Weblogs, Inc., the company I founded with my life-long friend Brian Alvey recently.

Brian runs the company, I’m the hands-off chairman. Really. However, I thought I’d give you a little update from my perspective on how the project/experiment is going.

For background, Brian and I have known each other since high-school and we’ve spent more time working together then with anyone else in our lives (Silicon Alley Reporter magazine, CyberSurfer magazine, VentureReporter.net, etc). Not sure I want to expand on this any more, but let’s just say Brian and I finish each other’s sentences and other cute things like that. OK, too much information.

This week we launched two new blogs. If you combine that with my personal blog (you’re soaking in it right now) and the Weblogs, Inc. corporate blog, we’re up to four blogs.

For some insane reason I told Wired I didn’t think having 100 blogs in a year would be too difficult. We’re now 4% of the way there, and we’re going to try to keep up with that prediction.

So, the two new kids in the family are:


A soon to be “group” weblog focused on social software. Social Software is a big word for software that lets you communicate and basically means sophisticated stuff like Friendster, Groove Networks, Tribe.net, etc. People used to call it collaborative software, but that is so 1996. This site is focused on the *business* of social software, so you won’t find a lot of academic stuff on it.



This site is dedicated to distance medicine and education. This space is booming and the ramifications of having the top medical knowledge, practices and talent available to anyone with an Internet connection is mind blowing. Of course, if you’re from a major city like New York this is hard to get your head around. Think about if you lived a couple of hours, or days, from a basic hospital. Well, a lot of the world does, and telemedicine will be the way they will get their healthcare. What I love about this space is that it is here today, unlike things like digital patient records and other healthcare related technologies.

Also, in week one we changed our revenue split to be more blogger friendly. Our goal is to make money for bloggers. If we can’t make bloggers money there is no way for us to build our brand. More details at the corporate blog.

Have a great weekend.

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