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From the Inside team:

TL;DR: We just launched Inside Trump, and we think you should check it out.

We’ve been busy at Inside over the past year building a network of email newsletters. We’ve added a dozen newsletters and 10xed our audience since March of last year, and have nailed down an editorial model that delivers huge value to our fast-growing readership.

Our team has become masterful at deeply understanding a topic, tracking down the most important people, companies, and developments, consuming every bit of news and information around it, and delivering a must-read roundup inspired by the famous presidential daily briefings. Given that coverage of Trump is absolutely ubiquitous, we knew we had a challenging undertaking with Inside Trump, but we set out build it.

After much back-and-forth with our most loyal readers, and many Google Doc iterations of what this newsletter might be, we think we’ve got something that really does add value to the discussion.

Inside Trump is partly curation — we’re finding the best coverage across hundreds of publications and providing the high-level details along with links to great reporting so you can dive deeper. It’s also partly synthesis — after reading as much news as possible, the newsletter is relaying a concise, clickbait-free roundup of the news you need to know. Finally, it’s also partly original content from deep dives into Trump’s appointments and policies to explorations of the actions he takes in his first 100 days.

Inside Trump has no political agenda. We’re just here to relay the most important news and information to our readers.

If you want to stay up on this ever-fascinating topic, we hope you’ll subscribe to Inside Trump (also, we hope you’ll hit reply to our newsletters and let us know what you think.)

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