Gary Vaynerchuck, CEO & Cofounder of VaynerMedia, on This Week in Startups

Gary Vaynerchuk on Crushing It in business, building a media empire, inspired investing, and making magic in the gray

Gary Vaynerchuk is an investor, author, CEO/Cofounder of VaynerMedia, Host of #AskGaryVee, and one of the most influential and dynamic voices in marketing, branding, and social media today. Gary joined Jason during the Launch Festival 2015 to share insights on his entrepreneurial journey, media mastery, and investing prowess. Some of the many gems from this conversation include: how Gary grew his family wine business from $3M to $60M within ten years, launching his public notoriety with Diggnation and Kevin Rose, why he didn’t want to be America’s “wine guy,” goals for VaynerMedia (hint: MUCH more than just building an agency), why you should only care about the “attention graph,” being very impressed with Taylor Swift and Taco Bell, the effort it takes to succeed and the importance of Twitter, the exact sort of hustle he looks for in founders he invests in, why he wakes up every morning trying to put himself out of business, why his dream of buying the New York Jets is his oxygen — and much more.

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