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iPhone 4 vs. iPhone 3G infographic


Nice info graphic by the Mahalo page managers….


any ideas of how to improve?

  • http://- phil

    there was no tap to focus feature with video on the iphone, as far as I know – graphic wrong ?…

    a quick sidenote on your attending of atd from the wsj – your covering was amazing, henceforth though shall be known as the robin hood of the digital life – btw no relating to scotts movie, unfortunately this sucks big time (robin fitghing the french, come on…)


  • http://- phil

    < thou – not though, fighting – not fighting … >> (can u edit those comments …)

  • Nick

    How to improve? Put froyo on it.
    – integrated voice input into any keyboard,
    – turn by turn navigation
    – video calling everywhere, not only when you can find wifi.
    Actually scratch that, you would need 3g signal.
    – free tethering
    – integrated google voice
    – for those that know where to find the switch to tell wifi
    never to sleep, you can even have a sip phone and go data

    Of course, you should only buy 4G on ebay since you do not
    want to lose the unlimited data plan…

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