Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt are getting coffee at Starbucks right now!

Genius…. pure genius. The technology industry is know setting up
photo opps like Paris Hilton having lunch at the Ivy.


  • James Wallace

    I wonder if I can ebay this photo.

  • Jon Bonesteel

    Black socks with tennies?!? My opinion of Steve is shot to hell.

  • Nora Geiss

    i hope you just pulled up a chair and said hello.

  • Stephen

    Is that an iPad I see on the table? I think it is…

  • James

    Is Steve using his iCup? I figure it would go with his iPad. Who knows, maybe this is a pitch meeting talking about the lovely apple under garment line?

  • cruisenow

    Wonder who picked up the tab?

  • alistair

    …caption competition…

    Steve: “What the fig?”
    Eric: “Errr, newton.”

    Eric: “Can’t we all just get along?”
    Steve: “I let you into my house and you do this?”

  • fusdada

    Is that an iPad on the table?

  • Ryan

    He dresses like this even outside of press conferences? I’m sorry, but that man has OCD (Steve, that is).

  • Andrew

    It’s not Starbucks, it’s Calafia (run by the former Google chef) at Town & Country in Palo Alto.

  • Alex Circei

    Wow! Good publicity for Starbucks 🙂

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  • seanswift

    why does it make a differece who it is.
    They are just people who are successful
    and the ones who hound them are not

  • Chris P.

    Um that’s not Starbucks. It’s Calafia in Palo Alto.

    But good idea on the photo opp. Maybe they want this whole Apple vs Google non sense to go away as it’s not helping either company.

  • ♥pixel8design♥

    Yep. I wonder if those guys ever think about how influential they are?
    I mean, could we live without Google or Mac? (or Starbucks?)

  • ♥pixel8design♥

    Are those the only clothes he wears? Doesn’t Steve ever like polos? or oxfords? #justsayin

  • muhammadfiji

    steve jobbsss…

  • henry

    Lotta conflicted body language there.