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Revenue sharing comes to Mahalo Answers


Mahalo Answers is about to launch something really innovative I believe: We are going to start sharing Google AdSense revenue with our Mahalo Answers community in the form of our virtual currency, Mahalo Dollars. 

The way it will work is that the person asking the question will receive up to M$100 in revenue sharing and the best answer will get up to M$100 in Adsense revenue. 

What this means is that you might make M$100 ($75 US) for just ASKING a good question…. you might also get up to that amount for getting the best answer. This is, of course, in addition to the virtual currency (Mahalo Dollars) put on questions already. 

This is part of my overall vision to match virtual currency to knowledge exchange, content, UGC and search. The reason Mahalo rocketed to #150 on Quantcast and 15m uniques and operational breakeven is because of this new(er) vision. 


  • http://www.colttrickle.com Adam Martin

    I think it is brilliant. Seems like a natural progression for the site.

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