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Why Facebook just lost half its value–Buzz is better. Hands down.


Scoble’s post attached is much easier to read in Google Buzz than Facebook.

Facebook has literally just lost half its value.

  • http://somethingAboutNicheRealestate.com James Wallace

    You’ve GOT to be kidding me – I had a feeling (some knew) that Gmail was going to step up to Facebook..mainly due to search..SOCIAL that is. Just my opinion.. FB did not lose half of its value though. Have you guys checked out the comments on the Facebook Blog lately? HOW DO YOU ween/gauge/predict that crowd is going to do. Uncertainty Principle applied to Human Behavior. JUST sayin’.

  • k

    It is easier to read. But Buzz has some serious drawbacks.
    It should have been a beta release.

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