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Apple iPad Photos–brilliant

  • PJ

    Oh Yes ! I can see the HD Tuner, the 2 cameras, Farmville, solar panel, LAN partying, etc.
    Thanks, Jason.

  • http://me2point0.wordpress.com marko17

    I simply don’t get why Jason would feed us all this info. He had never given anyone a reason why we would doubt him….and now this. He continues to lose twitter followers. What was the benefit?

  • SyriX

    So Jason, when did you exactly tested the ipad? douche..

  • http://www.rezyde.com f. garza

    I don’t know man, I was expecting much more no wireless sync, no usb port, no hdmi out. Come on!

  • http://www.timharrisblog.com/ TIm Harris

    Yea, very funny indeed. Say hi to Mark C for me, will ya?

  • Jean

    My bet is that Jason was high when he tweeted the first ones,
    but the when he soberred up he came up with this “great” Hoax idea
    to patch it up.

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  • http://cheeseandbeans.wordpress.com Jonathan


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