• http://HowIUseDNN.com Tom Harris

    It was great meeting you at Sundance. I wish I could have stayed to see the big win.
    Best Wishes,
    Tom Harris

  • http://nimbletheory.com Jeff Barson

    I happened to be at this screening. To be honest the film,
    which I thought was fantastic, wasn’t at all what I was
    expecting from from the guide. (I thought you were good in
    in there too.)Surprising stuff. I stayed for the Q&A and thought
    it was telling that Josh Harris commented that he had found
    his ‘humanity’ in Ethiopia but doesn’t regret refusing to speak
    with his mother at her death. (He sent a video.) Really was a fine
    film though.

  • http://medicalspamd.com Jeff Barson

    I also wonder if he’s still on the run from debt collectors.