Best documentaries of all time…

I’m a huge fan of documentary film.

I just posted a question asking what are the best documentaries of all time… please help me answer it!
Some of my favorite ones of late:

Man on Wire — this film was brilliant and inspiring.

Deep Water — this film deeply impacted me.

Super Size Me — funny and informative.

Bigger Stronger Faster — really makes you think about personal freedom

The Kid Stays in the Picture — my inspiration

The King of Kong — most powerful story ever told… about video games (and man’s need to accomplish, well, something).

Hoop Dreams — the classic

big list here:

  • ian

    My two favourite documentaries are and also e-dreams

  • http://www,documentary24,com documentary24

    Super Size Me can be watched online for free at–194/

  • Rick Umali

    Three cheers for Hoop Dreams. An astounding and important documentary!

  • http://- phil

    “let’s make money” – austrian filmmaker who also did “feed the world” –

    very impressive – check it out,
    cheers phil

  • Jonathan

    I’m a little late to the conversation, but here are some great ones beyond those you’ve already listed:

    – Capturing the Friedmans
    – American Movie
    – The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara
    – Spellbound
    – The Thin Blue Line
    – Grizzly Man
    – Air Guitar Nation
    – Jesus Camp
    – Bowling for Columbine

    Undeniably, of course, Hoop Dreams is the absolute best. Glad to see it here.

  • ruckus

    thanks for this i’m a sucker for a good doc. here are some
    i’ve enjoyed:

    IOUSA –

    propaganda in america: a history of public relations

    will have a think of some more

    you can see the best 25 of all time as voted by the IDA

  • osiris7

    “World at War” (1973). Yes, it’s in 26 parts, on 11 discs, but it’s the best documentary ever. It took four years to make, and cost almost a million pounds. Watch it and see for yourself.

  • Sean Tierney

    I made up an extensive list the other day after going on a recent documentary binge:
    People chimed in and added to it but those 15 I listed are must-see’s IMHO


  • Bzbee

    This site has most of the best documetnary. Watch the Academy
    Awards winners or nominees

  • jeffrey

    most of these documentaries can be found at

  • Ecohimalaya

    This documentary is one of the best. More like docu drama,
    shows the true life of a nomadic family. Why don’t they count
    GNH (gross national happiness); like GNP

    The Story of the Weeping Camel (2003)

  • bengu

    this is a very nice bbc series i just watched and it’s pretty nice …
    Absolute Zero 1: conquest of cold
    Absolute Zero 2 : The race of absolute Zero


    Crumb (1994) was a very good doc. also.

  • the biggest fan

    paris is burning
    on the ropes
    march of the penguins
    aileen 1&2
    dear zachery
    who the *** is jackson pollack
    trials of henry kissinger
    paradise lost 1 and 2
    the exiles
    autumn’s eyes
    the gods of times square
    rfk must die
    did we go?
    american assassin
    kens burns:new york
    crossing the line
    the man who skied down everst
    the gift
    everyone film of fredrick wiseman