Used/antique phone booths

I’m looking to get a couple of used/refurbished/antique phone booths for Mahalo so folks who need to take a call can jump in them…. and because they look cool.

If you know anyone selling them let me know at jason @ calacanis dot com.

  • KeeKee

    You know what would be too cool??? Put a Superman costume in it and when someone goes in to make a call, there’s the suit. It would be great if someone actually put the suit on before they came back out, ya know??


  • Bill Bartus

    I have (2) of the ones on the left in very good condition if interested.

    email me

  • Lawrence Lieberman

    have an oak phonebooth complete with rubber fan and folding doors..if interested i will foward paictures

  • George

    We have a phone booth identical to the wooden one above.

  • richard benson

    t have a old telephone booth for sale ,i live in ga. let me know if you interested thanks richard

  • Jeff Martin

    I have a complete 1939 wood phone booth similar to the one pictured on here. It is partially stripped and redy for varnish on most peices. I have everything but the phone. There is a light with a fan, a seat and bifold doors. It is apart. The doors are off and the sides are off to srtip them. I am asking $500.

  • Darryl

    I have the phone booth on the left.But not the same phone.
    What is it going for today.

  • Ken

    i have one almost exactly like the first picture.

  • Dan Franklin

    I am looking for 4 wood phone boohts.

  • Ray Price

    I have a wooden telephone booth if anyone would like to purchase it contact me at the comcast website.It is the same as the one on the left. Ray P.

  • Dan Gardiner

    I have recently aquired a old wooden phone booth in pieces, it’s a

    I recently aquired a wooden phone booth, it is in pieces and made by Turner Armour Corp. I am looking for infro on it, any help?

  • Jerrel Davis

    Please,contact me about wooden phone booth

  • Jerrel Davis

    Jeff Martin,if you still have booth will buy.

  • chuck

    i got buddy thats ot one like the old wooden one on top of page let me no if you are interested i have pitures

  • http://roadrunner gwen wilson

    i have a get phone booth with phone and light, it works looks like the middle one

  • brandi

    how much would you be willing to pay for a phonebooth like the one int eh middle picture? i ave one that is in very good condition, it just needs to be cleaned up.

  • Joy Bradley

    I have 2 phone booths for sale. I have a wooden one with a light and telephone still inside. It was from the late 1920’s it is in excellent condition. the other is a metal one from the 1970’s in good condition. If you are interested give me a call at (870)972-6255. thank you

  • D.R. Smith

    1932 western elec oak beveled glass,spare parts & phones

  • mitch ogden

    gwen wilson: where are you in the country? i’m looking for a phone bookth in the uppermidwest (MN, WI, IA, IL)

  • paul oberman

    I have one of those oak phone booths. Very decent condition and original art on the glass. give me a ring.


  • paul oberman

    ps. mine has the lights, but not the phone, but that is the easy part

  • Karen Mehl

    I have an Antique Phone Booth, in mint condition,
    complete with phone, lights and signage, for sale.
    It is circa late 50s early 60s and completely operable.
    It is located in Southern Indiana.
    May be able to convince me to part with other “Ma Bell”
    trinkets as well.

  • Alicia Aguilar

    I have an antique oak telephone booth built in 1915
    and has been completely restored to its original beauty. If
    Interested, please email.

  • DianeLaufer

    I have a wooden phone booth from 1957 complete with working phone(tan and silver), seat, light, and fan. Door is also in working condition. I think it is in very good c
    ondition, but I have not seen any others in quite some time. I am interested in selling.

  • Angel

    I have a very old wooden phone booth that has been in a restaurant I own for years and years. I am ready to sell it but dont have a clue where to post it? If you have any ideas please contact me. Thanks!

  • Kat

    I am interested in acquiring old phone booths of all three types shown above.

    If any of you have these left, please e-mail me at kat dot
    merrick at g5searchmarketing dot com

    Thank you very much!!

  • Lesti

    I have an antique wooden booth w/ a phone in it. It’s in good condition. Please conatct me if interested.

  • Hank

    I am also looking into purchasing a telephone booth somewhere near the state of Oregon. I would like to refurbish one myself. Any information would help on where to find one.

    Thank yhou

  • Hank

    If anyone has any telephone booths for sale and are in the surronding area of Oregon. Please email me at

    Again, I am not looking for one in mint condition. Just one I can restore myself. Thanks!

  • Cathy

    I have a old oak phone booth w/ seat, no phone. The front door is not a bifold, regular door w/ glass in the top part. Is anyone interested?

  • joe t

    If anyone has any telephone booths for sale and are in the
    carolina area please email

  • jimmie Deaton

    I have an old wooden western electric phone booth, i need a light cover (plastic ring) for the overhead light. HELP!

  • jimmie Deaton

    Wanted overhead light ring for western electric phone booth.

  • paul oberman

    Hey everyone. I am in Hollywood California area. I have a 1926 oak phonebooth.

    It has never been restored and just came out of a hotel.

    It is cleaning up with steel wool and is in pretty great condition.

    original copper interior, with vct floor, which is in perfect condition.

    Has bell graphics on windows and original overhead lighting.

    No phone, but mounting is complete.

    If anyone is interested, let me know. I am about to put it on Ebay, but would rather not.

  • Garry VanAlstyne

    I have two telephone booths for sale like the ones in the middle still in the boxes.

  • Cathy

    I have a oak phone booth w/ solid front door, glass @ the top. Does anyone know how old it may be?

  • Trent Frost

    I have 1, solid oak, restored to original, $5000.00

  • Nancy

    I have a 1920’s Solid oak phone booth. It has the working
    light and working Automatic Electric Company payphone-10 cents.
    Bifold doors, excellent condition, original pressed tin
    embossed interior.
    We are in the Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky area. This is extremely
    heavy and not able to be shipped. Pictures available upon

  • Susanne

    I’m looking for a phone booth like the one in the middle that can take being outside all the time. I do not need the phone.

  • Larry

    Have a double layered door phone booth that was in a factory here in Georgia. solid oak and weighs a ton. Don’t know what to ask for it. Any suggestions?

  • Melissa

    I also need a light cover for a phone booth. If you fond out where to get one, would you please email me the info. Thank you.