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New Mahalo features: anyone can edit (even if not logged in) and anyone can create a new page (easily)


Two very important features were launched on Mahalo today:

  1. Anyone can edit any page on Mahalo even if they are not logged in. This means if you don’t feel like logging in, but you want to add a fast fact to a page, or correct an error, you can do so quickly and easily. Of course, we check ever edit made in the system to make sure it is correct (i.e. Mahalo is Wikipedia with paid Fact Checkers).

  2. Anyone can easily create a new page in Mahalo. If you see a red link on a Mahalo page that means we need to have that page build. So, in the example below you can click on the “War Games” link on the Mathew Broderick page and start building it out.

This is a major step for Mahalo. We started as a very closed system while we perfected our page design. Then we opened up to registered users making changes and did that for six months. Since that has gone so well we’re opening up the site to unregistered users (who are tracked by their IP address, just like Wikipedia does).

Let me know if you have any questions.

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