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Plurk.com — Twitter + Talkshoe timeline format = neat.


After getting my head bashed in with invites to Plurk I gave in today. The result was the image above: 100 invites in about 20 minutes. Such is the cost of internet fame–the weakest form of fame in existence to be sure. :-)

Anyway, Pluck is twitter with the timeline turned sideways and with the ability to embed Flickr images and YouTube videos–a feature pioneered by Pownce.

You can click on a timeline to see the responses.

Frankly, all of these features could just be built into Twitter. I’ve been begging Twitter to support photos for a loooooong time. Obviously introducing photos into twitter would be brutal given the stability issues, but the future of Twitter is clearly supporting multiple views of the data.

I’m really not excited about maintaining a Pluck account, in the same way that I don’t really keep up with my Pownce account. It’s hard enough to have a Twitter account to feed. Why Pluck doesn’t feed in my twitter feed makes no sense to me.

anyway, it’s a cute execution of the TalkShoe/project management chart design.

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