GTA 4 Walkthrough — we're done!

The Mahalo Games team have finished GTA 4 and the GTA 4 walkthrough is about to be completed (we’re still writing it). So, don’t bother buying the book on how to beat the game…. get it for free at Mahalo! 🙂 GTA 4 cheats are also complete.

Here are the various GTA 4 Missions

  • Stewie

    having trouble getting ho’s to jump in my car. what am i doing wrong? in all other gta’s i just pull up and they jump on in.

  • Don Watts

    i’m looking to find th infernus in the game i know i can get one from bernie, and also the one you steal for steve. Where is th best place to find the inferus other that that???

  • ozman

    in clean getaway, vlad isn’t calling me. i can’t complete the mission because of it.. does anyone know what i’m doing wrong???