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Finding a replacement for Veronica


As many folks found out this week (including myself!) Veronica is moving on to do two new projects, the first is [ TKTKKTKTKTKTK ] and the second is [ TKTKTKTKKT TKTKKT with TKKTKTKTKT ].*

Veronica really pushed herself to try new things with Mahalo daily as she stated on her blog, but she told me she wanted to stay in San Francisco (as opposed to commuting to LA every other week) and she wanted to work on just tech stuff. Mahalo Daily is like 20% tech, so that’s obviously not a fit.

We wish her the best and we move on. Monday we will announce some of the plans we have for the show and replacing Veronica (some of you heard a little bit of it in the Jason Calacanis USTREAM channel today, and on my Twitter account).

Bottom line: the show will go on, and we’re going to be looking to develop some new talent. We’ve been getting a couple of emails every hour about the open position and we’re really excited about what’s next.

* Note: I’ve been given a preview of her plans, but I can’t say what she’s up to next. Sorry! :-)

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