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TechCrunch50 Announced, September 8-10th, San Francisco


I’m really thrilled to announce that Mike and I are hosting the TechCrunch40 event again this year, but have expanded it to three days and fifty companies. We’re also going to expand the conference to more than just consumer facing internet companies. A nice portion of the focus will also be put on what Mike calls “mufflers” — hardcore technology, enterprise software, and even hardware.

Also, we’re THRILLED to announce that five of our partners from last year are back already: Sequoia Capital, Mayfield Fund, Clearstone Venture Partners, Charles River Ventures and Fenwick & West (we’re hoping to announce some of the other 2007 partners will join us).

Additionally, Google and Microsoft have joined us in supporting our strictly merit-based demo-style conference.

This conference is a very, very personal effort for Michael and I. We love startups, entrepreneurs and the technology industry. Personally, I love the idea of helping companies get off the ground I’m really proud of the fact that the 40 companies at last years TechCrunch40 event have raised $143M in venture capital. Think about that… wow.

Mike has all the details over at the TechCrunch site where you can see everything including our list of experts including Roelof Botha, Marc Andreessen, Chris DeWolfe, Sean Parker and others

We will sell out again this year, so I highly recommend buying your ticket now.

If you are interested in being involved in the event as a partner ping me at jason at mahalo.com. If you’re looking to present your company the application is on the site.

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