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Twitter Pro — $250 a year?


@Ev / @BizStone: I’d like to up my bid from $100 a year to $250 a year for a “Twitter Pro” Account. Please, please, please setup a “Pro” server for folks who are using Twitter as part of their business and who really can’t afford for it to be down. I’m talking to 2,000 folks 10x a day right now… that’s 20,000 touch points per day, 400,000 a month and like 5,000,000 messages you are sending out for me… A YEAR! Let me pay you please.

Twitter is how I stay in touch with my core, most dedicated, peoples…. that last week has been really hard for me. Please let me pay you…please.

  • Al

    Keep your money for yourself, CALACANIS.
    If you’re not happy with the current service, I suggest that you move along. They’re clearly trying to solve the scaling issues, but that doesn’t in happen in 1 week.


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