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Congrats to Judith


Congrats to Tina Sharkey for stealing my Judith away from Weblogs, Inc. to work at BabyCenter. Not good for Weblogs, Inc/AOL (I can’t believe they let her leave!!!), but AMAZING for BabyCenter. I guess change is good for everyone. Working for big companies is fun because you have resources, but those same resources have a way of constraining you because you must feed and maintain the machine–and those machines get very big and need much attention. It’s amazing how last year this time we had Bankoff, Miller, Sharkey, Meskill, etc. all at AOL building and a year later everyone is scattered to the four corners of the dotcom world.

But regarding Judith…. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr…………….. would have liked to take a run at her for Project X!!! :-)

Next time around I guess.

English Bulldog

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