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More proof that there is no A List (or at least if there is, it means NOTHING!)


Some people are still crying about there being an A-list holding them back from blogger fame and fortune.


Blogging is the most open medium ever created. Anyone can join the discussion, post comments, and get in the link pool. All you have to do is:

a) show up
b) have something intelligent to say
c) join the discussion and contribute something meaningful.

Now, if you have nothing to contribute, you suck as a writer, and you don’t want to show up every day for a couple of years to establish yourself, well, I can’t help you.

Just look at the “A-list” for a moment:

  1. Scoble was the biggest nobody in the world–working at a electronics store in fact–before he became the world’s most famous blogger (or most powerful depending on which story you read).
  2. I was down and out print publisher before I became “A list” — whatever that means.
  3. Peter Rojas was an underemployed Red Herring beat writer before he become the best paid/most respected blogger.
  4. Rafat Ali was out of work before he started his A-list blog.
  5. Xeni Jardin was a conference producer with me before she became A-list.
  6. Perez Hilton was a total nobody and now is a celebrity in his own right.
  7. Jason Kottke… ummm… I couldn’t tell you what he did before blogging!!!
  8. Anil Dash? He was a low-level webmonkey at the Village Voice.
  9. Who ever heard of Wonkette before wonkette?!?! no one.
  10. Steve Rubel was another PR guy in an cheap suit before blogging (now he’s a famous blogging in a cheap suit :-)
  11. Mike Arrington? A lawyer who no one would give the time of day to (compare that with now!)
  12. ZeFrank? A nobody.
  13. Amanda Congdon? A nobody.
  14. Adam Curry? Worse than a nobody–a former VJ!
  15. Nick Douglas? A nobody (still half a nobody–which is saying something).
  16. Elizabeth Spiers was a business journalist before Gawker fame–and now running her own blog company.

The list goes on and on and on….. most of the folks above I consider good friends and I can tell you that they were–in large part–outsiders and misfits. They were folks who couldn’t keep jobs, who were difficult, and who were lower then under the radar.

I include myself in that group.

What do these people have in common? They never let anyone else limit their success. They took their place in the blogosphere.

Spend 3-4 years blogging every day for 3-8 hours a day and then tell me you didn’t make it to the A-list and people held you back… I *might* believe it after that.

What a bunch of cry babies you “B-lister” and “C listers” are…. no one is holding you back but yourselves! I never considered myself A, B, or C list.

I’ve spent my life creating my own frackin’ list… and you losers should too!

Jason… OUT!

  • http://www.imwritingsports.com Nick Underhill

    I don’t know what it’s like in other mediums, but the big dog’s in the sports blog world will link to whoever if you write a quality piece of content. It takes time though, and a lot of people aren’t willing to put that time in.

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