Google Traffic Maps…

Very nice… now I can see exactly how horrible the traffic at the 405 and 10 in Google Map Goodness.

I haven’t had a commute for over 10 years and I will never–ever–never commute anywhere in my life. [ Note: commute = > 15 minutes on a daily basis ]. I can’t understand how folks do it, and why companies make them do it. If I was running a company with over 1,000 employees in Los Angeles I would create three or four offices and have folks show up to remote offices in the Valley, West Side, East Side, and South side and call it a day.

Someone should make the Starbucks of office space where folks can come and get a cube every day for like $50 a day–and companies could buy 10,000 cube days a year. It’s just such a waste of time for folks to spend two or three hours in their cars a day.

  • Anne Ahira

    I agree with you! I can’t imagine myself being in the
    traffic jam for hours! I love working online lol..