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Jaffe Joins Fatblogging Movement


Looks like the fatblogging dragnet has caught two big fish over the past two days.

First we got Hugh, and yesterday we landed uber-advertising guru Joseph Jaffe. Now, Jaffe is truly fat as you could see in CalacanisCast 11. By landing him we landed like 30 pounds of pure fat…. this is big. The more fat we land the more we can lose. :-)

What does it mean to be part of the movement? Very simple:

1. Blog your weight/thoughts about weight loss each day (you don’t have to put the number in the subject line if you don’t want… but I think that’s fun).
2. Search for Fatbloggers daily (i.e. on Technorati or Google Blog Search)
3. Link to and comment on blog posts by other fatbloggers. Share your ups, downs, and tips.

Basically it’s an online support and education group. I’ve learned so much from the tips in my comments, and by searching for the fatblogging tag/keyword. I’ve started using the Polar heart monitor and the BMI scale thanks to comments, and I’ve jumped into the whole walking vs. running debate.

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