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Scoble loses it… and gets it back. (or, Fight the real enemy: the NYT & Yahoo!)


Robert flew off the handle today thinking that there was some grand conspiracy to keep him off Gizmodo and Engadget. I spoke to him immediately after reading his insane post claiming that the gadget blogs don’t link to bloggers (something you can tell is untrue by just scanning the last 20 posts on either site!). He was frustrated, he lashed out at his friends, and he realized he was wrong.

It happens. Truth be told Engadget is the life-blood of many small sites which have a symbiotic relationship with Engadget because Engadget can’t survive without a flow of high-quality, insider news coming in, and these niche sites can’t survive without getting the regular spike of traffic from Engadget (it’s not like the New York Times or WSJ are sending niche blogs traffic!).

Fight the real enemy Robert: the New York Times and Yahoo. Whens the las time they linked out on the top level of their site!?!?!?

Note: AOL links to other bloggers–not just Weblogs Inc. ones–on the TOP LEVEL of their site. AOL is a friend to the bloggers, Yahoo and NYT are stingy!

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