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A/B Testing & Multivariate Testing for online advertising


Update: I have the three job listings here. Exclusive on LinkedIn! :-)

I’m deep in research mode right now as I try to pick a new project to work on (yes, I’m not going to be a VC long term, the plan is to start a new company as I’ve mentioned–that’s why I have the EIA title not a VC title!). As part of my research I’m looking for two full-time researchers in Los Angeles (i.e. folks who could work with me on a daily basis) and I’m trying to dig deeper into statistics and testing.

Specifically, I want to deepen my knowledge around advertising using A/B and multivariate testing. Basically, I want to figure out what makes advertising on the Internet work (and not work) these days. Things like:

  1. When are graphical ads better than text ads?
  2. What types of products work best in text ads vs. graphical vs. flash vs. expandables vs. popups vs. interstitials?
  3. What do people think of interstitial advertising vs. other types?
  4. Where inside of ads do people click–and does that matter?
  5. [ More to come / what other questions do you have about online advertising ]
  6. [ More to come / what other questions do you have about online advertising ]
  7. [ More to come / what other questions do you have about online advertising ]
  8. [ More to come / what other questions do you have about online advertising ]

This data should really be on a wiki so we can all add an change it obviously. I’m going to setup a wiki for all of us to play with shortly. I might use PBWiki which I’ve been playing with for CalacanisCast, or maybe I’ll set something up with MediaWiki (which is what Wikipedia uses).

Anyway, I’m looking to talk to folks who does multivariate/AB testing online, and if they have knowledge of advertising all the better.

Who is the smartest person you know in AB/Multivariate Testing? Email me their contact info: jason at calacanis dot com.

I’m collecting my links below… feel free to post comments. Share and share alike on all the data we collect obviously.

A/B and Multivariate Testing Firms (has anyone worked with these firms?)

A/B and Multivariate Testing News/Research (if you have more links put them in the comments please)

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