A catch phrase will go here soon.

Alexa is 100% wrong and you can game it with as few as three machines–or so I've been told.


Alexa does not work at all and we should not even recognize it as valid anymore from what I’ve learned.

You can game Alexa with as few as three machines running the Alexa toolbar.

So, let’s see how high we can get Calacanis.com over the next five days shall we?

Step One: Everyone install the Alexa Toolbar and load my blog 100 times over the next couple of days. Please put your name below if you are taking part in the experiment. We’re gonna do this for like 10 days then stop.

Step Two: Get a webpage refresher for Internet Explorer and set it to reload the page every 10 minutes or something random.


Step Three: Load the main page (www.calacanis.com) and the about page ( http://www.calacanis.com/about/ ) so we can track the % impact we have in the details over at Alexa.

Update: Some folks have said I’m trying to do this to get my rating up/page views up. Uhhh…. no. This is a test. I don’t have any ads here and these page views mean nothing to me–they are not real! They represent nothing but a test. Plus we are going to stop this test in 10 days or so–let’s say Dec. 3rd. So, this is just a temporary spike in pages that does NOTHING for me on any level. Zero! If someone wants to run the test on a brand new domain name we can do that too.

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Hello, my name is Jason. Welcome to my blog on the interwebs. You can reach me on twitter @jason and by email at jason@inside.com. My Skype is jasoncalacanis, and my mobile phone is 310-456-4900.

I only pick up numbers I recognize, and in terms of emailing me, the best strategy is to write short, blunt and to the point requests. I can quickly respond to short messages, and many times I simply don't have the time to read five page pitches. In terms of taking meetings, I only do that after reviewing an actual product (not a business plan). So, the best time to ping me is when you have mockups or an alpha site. I don't read business plans, and I've never written one.

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