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Wikipedia Proposals Part 5 & 6 (and the Wikipedia Weekly Podcast)


Last night I did an hour long podcast with the crew from the most excellent new podcast: Wikipedia Weekly. We discussed my various proposals on funding the Wikipedia. We came up with a fifth proposal:

  • Version 5: Add Google Adsense text ads to only the Wikipedia Search pages with users having the ability to opt-out forever with one click.
  • Version 6: Produce a Greasemonkey script that allows users to add Google Adsense to the Wikipedia. I would describe this as super opt-in because 1% of the population could probably figure out how to do it.

The search result page gets over 2M views per day. $2M views x $10-15 CPM is $20-30,000 a day or up to $1M a month. 60M searches is a lot of searches. The show will probably be out in a week or so (episode four). Here is the link to add Wikipedia weekly to: iTunes

PS – I’m thinking of going to the next couple of Wikipedia board meetings/meetups to discuss the various proposals. I would love to help the Foundation navigate these waters and would offer my services to manage negotiations with Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft.

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