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What bloggers are saying about the PayPerPost model: "one of the most vicious and vile economic schemes to cast its shadow over online publishing"


After getting an email from the PayPerPost BlogToProfit.com slimebuckets Jay Allen nails it:

Pay per post is one of the most vicious and vile economic schemes to cast its shadow over online publishing. Anyone who perpetuates such a system deserves a public stoning (even if they don’t say “Jehovah”). You either pay online publishers for who and what they are, or you keep your wallet out of the game. The Internet already has enough spam; we don’t need bloggers generating it for commission.
His post is spot on, and he explains that there marketing slimebuckets are NOT interested in supporting you with advertising–they are interested in using you for covert marketing.

If you’re a blogger and want to keep the blogosphere pure I suggest calling these people–and the advertisers who are using them–out. Why can’t we know who the advertisers are on Payperpost? Are we to stupid too know? I wish someone would just out all the disgusting marketers who use this server so we can all shame them for their covert, evil efforts.

Hold the line bloggers!

Keep the marketers out of your posts and inside the ad units!!!

It takes more work to keep your integrity, but as bloggers that is all we have–integrity. That’s why we are here!

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