Mike Arrington's best moment: making PayPerPost look like the losers they are.

Mike Arrington had his best moment to date in an interview with the smarmy PayPerPost.com, which recently raised money to create a platform which allows advertisers to covertly pay bloggers to shill for advertisers (note: you can disclose you’re using the platform–no one has that i know of). It’s the worst, most evil idea to hit the blogosphere to date, and that fact that venture capitalist are rewarding it is pathetic.

However, I digress… what’s great about this podcast is that Mike literally *laughs* in their faces as they try to explain why their lack of integrity is somehow balanced by “free markets.” Mike keeps clocking these guys in the head with the same message–don’t be covert–and these idiots keep try to defend themselves. When asked if who their advertisers are they cower because–as you might expect–the slimebucket advertisers who would use a covert marketing service don’t want to be outed.

For this one episode Mike Arrington gets business podcast of the year–hands down.

Note to blogosphere: any advertiser who uses this system should be outed immediatly, brought to the town square, and be put in the digital stock.