YouTube gets the rights to Oscar videos… wow! (or

I missed the Oscars last night, but I checked YouTube and it looks like they got the rights to air the Oscars!

How on earth did they get the rights to air the Oscars?! That’s just amazing… these guys are brilliant!!! They were even able to get them to take out the commercials too!

Quick, someone (Newscorp?!) buy YouTube for $1B…. these guys are on fire!
Gay Cowboy Montage from the Oscars
Three 6 Mafia “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” at the Oscars
Ang Lee Wins
Catherine Keener at 2006 Oscars
Jon Stewart’s Opening
Best Supporting Actor Winner George Clooney

  • PJ

    what are you talking about dude?
    there are no videos at all