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Weblogads.com: The Open Weblog Advertising Directory (part II)


A bunch of folks have commented since I went public with the discussions Federated Media, Gawker, iPro, Weblogs, Inc and others have been having about creating a directory of blogs for advertisers.

My first post wasn’t super clear, so I want to addresses some valid questions.

1. Why do we need this?

Right now it’s very hard for advertisers to understand the blogosphere. i.e. There is no way to know what the 25 biggest TV or gadget blogs are. You can go to Technorati and see results based on their unfinished directory, but that is ranked by inbound links which everyone knows is easy to game.

2. Why does Weblogs, Inc. care? You guys are part of AOL now and have tons of ad sales folks and exposure to advertisers.

Yes and no. We have great exposure to advertising, sure. However, everyone could use

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