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Jacek Rutkowski, Stalker


As a favor to Russell I’m posting his story about Jacek Rutkowski, a cyberstalker who has been hounding a number of bloggers with what seem to be psychotic threats (calling folks at home, etc).

The goal of the link is to:

a) make folks aware that this person, who runs a site called MSMobiles, has a history of stalking should they encounter him. He has called people at homeserious stuff.

b) ask the folks at Google News to take this person’s rants at MSMobiles.com out of the Google News index as he is slandering folks and not doing news coverage.

c) make sure any time anyone types in the name Jacek Rutkowski or MSMobiles into Google they get this linkor Russell’s blogas the #1 result.

Hard to know what to do with cyberstalkers in this day and age, part of me want to just ignore the guy since I think he is disturbed. However, with the amount of comments he is posting in the blosphere, and the fact that he somehow go into Google News, I felt linking to Russell’s story was a good idea.

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