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Final thoughts on Fark.com


OK, so I’m trying to get back to *my* business after a week long Farkwatch.

Turns out Wired picked up the story, and maybe it was a slow month like Nicky says, or maybe Fark’s lack of transparency is really making this issue spiral out of control.

One thing is clear: Fark is not handling this PR disaster well. According to comments they turning off the accounts of paying members who bring up the story on Fark. Bad, bad, bad.

The new rules of publishing (which are based on the old rules that were forgotten), is that if you do something wrong just admit it, fall on the sword and beg your users to understand and forgive (think: Martha should have done this).

I’m sure the next time we screw up everyone will jump all over us. That’s how it goes, if you call someone like Fark on something like this then you open yourself up the next time around. However, I can tell you that *when* (it’s not an if, no one is perfect) we screw up we will do our best to be transparent about it and beg for forgiveness.

Drewand I know you’re listeningI suggest that you just fall on the sword and let your readers discus this in an open forum. Join the dialogue, ask them for advice on how to run the service (like Craig does), and move on. I think you’re a great publisher (I mean, you created Boobies as a category!) and I think this was a small mistakedon’t make it into a bigger one.

One note about the Wired story (which is a good read by a good writers): we are not competitive with Fark. Sure we are both publishers of blogs, but we don’t share any advertisers and we probably never will.

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