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Gawker's Stalker, Rising Blog Kingdoms & the talented Mr. Rojas (part deux)


So, it’s been a bit of a crazy day for me with the New York Magazine story (click here for the image), Nick Denton’s response and about three dozen voicemails from folks who want to blog (including a militiaI kid you not).

To be totally honest I’m burnt out on Denton vs. Calacanis, who won what round, etc. The bottom line is Nick is going to be wildly successful with his gaggle of blog, and I think WIN and Engadget will be wildly successful. Nothing would please me more then to see Denton get rewarded for all his hard work with Gawker Media, and if he is successful that means that blogging is legit (as we all know), and that is a good thing for me, Brian and Peter (and probably you too if you’re a blogger).

OK, group hugs everyone now back to work!

English Bulldog

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